KW AG – Meinraum München West

Out-Of-Home Campaign, Design & Print


KW AG – Meinraum München West

2021, via All New Arts

The KW AG is a company specializing in the distribution of condominiums, particularly new constructions.

During my employment at the All New Arts agency, I, along with my team, developed the campaign for the construction project „Meinraum München West.“ We collectively conceived the idea, with my main responsibility lying in the design implementation and finalization of the print materials.

Our aim was to reach as many target audiences as possible through an out-of-home campaign: those considering condominiums as an investment and those looking to purchase one as their own home.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, two aspects were at the forefront of many people’s minds: Firstly, there was a growing tendency to invest in condominiums, either as a security measure or to have one’s own property while saving money (FOMO – Fear of Missing Out; a common term in the investment context). Secondly, there were occasional opportunities to experience activities outside the home, which often tempted people to venture outdoors immediately. Our slogan aimed to keep people indoors – not due to COVID restrictions but rather because the apartment was so fantastic that staying at home was preferable (JOMO – Joy of Missing Out).

The client was immediately impressed by our idea and its visual implementation. We worked with an existing corporate identity and adhered precisely to the brand guidelines.