Ivy & Mallow Cosmetics

Branding & Print Design, Photography


Ivy & Mallow Cosmetics

2019, Sophia Winter

Ivy and Mallow Cosmetics is a fictional natural cosmetics brand. This project was created as part of my thesis at Burke Academy.

The goal was to develop a concept for a non-existent brand that had something special to offer. At the time, there wasn’t much happening in the natural cosmetics sector in the market. Particularly in terms of more exciting, bolder brands, there was virtually no competition in the German market.

After conducting a thorough competitive analysis, I developed a concept from naming, product development, corresponding packaging, prototypes, to a specially planned and photographed campaign shoot.

One of the unique selling points of the (fictional) brand was that it aimed to destigmatize the topic of gender roles and makeup for men. The brand deliberately presents itself as feminine outwardly but is designed for everyone and specifically focuses on makeup rather than just skincare.

Both grades in design and photography for this project were outstanding.