MIA Trattoria & Bar

Branding & Print Design


MIA Trattoria & Bar

2023, via All New Arts

MIA is an Italian Trattoria & Bar located in the heart of Munich. The client desired a minimalist design that didn’t scream „typical Italian Trattoria,“ but rather resembled a venue that could be found in New York or London, seen as an „it-spot“ attracting a young crowd.

We fulfilled this exact wish for the client. I worked on this project as part of All New Arts and was responsible for the brand design, as well as the entire print concept and other promotional materials.

The brand design even caught the attention of the „Restaurant and Bar Design Award“ and we were nominated for the Brand & Design Award for 2023. Although we didn’t win, the design resonated with several people, earning us a nomination – being recognized was a great achievement in itself!