KW AG – Living Isar

Out-Of-Home Campaign, Design & Print


KW AG – Living Isar

2021, via All New Arts

During my tenure at the All New Arts agency, I, along with my team, developed the campaign for the construction project „Living Isar.“ We collectively conceptualized the idea, with my primary responsibility lying in executing the design and final print materials.

Our goal was to target the Munich audience through an out-of-home campaign, appealing to those already in Munich and enticing others to become residents after seeing the campaign.

„Living Isar“ is a construction project situated directly along the Isar River, as the name suggests. In fact, there are few new construction projects of such high quality and central location near the Isar. Hence, we intentionally maintained a luxurious tone in the messaging.

Some of the taglines included „Front Row, Parquet, Curtain Up for the Isar Murmuring,“ emphasizing the excellent amenities (parquet) and the close proximity (front row) to the river, where one can hear the gentle murmuring of the Isar. Between Living Isar and the Isar lies only a small park, without any other buildings. „Bavarian Riviera“ was another slogan that resonated with the client, evoking the feeling of being on vacation in a place where others go specifically to relax and enjoy their leisure time.

The client was immediately impressed by our idea and the visual execution. We worked within an existing corporate identity and precisely adhered to the brand guidelines.